White Gold pocket watches – A Very Hard To Find Time Piece But We Got It

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White Gold pocket watches – A Very Hard To Find Time Piece But We Got It

Are you searching for that perfect time piece that will be appreciated and cherished? Ever considered a white gold pocket watch?white gold pocket watchs
Pocket watches emerged in the 16th century offering portable time pieces serving both as a symbol of wealth and as a symbol of economic organization. Pocket watches have a tradition that continues today across several generations.

Today most of these pieces exist as heirlooms passed from fathers to sons; thousands of others are in museums such as the timeless pieces of the National Watch and Clock museum.

When choosing a piece there are several materials to consider, while gold is the more popular choice, the earliest pocket watches were made from steel.  Yellow gold is a classic choice but white gold pocket watches have become quite popular.  They are utilitarian and classy. Not only do they embody the steel phenotype but they also resemble silver.

Since most white gold pocket watches are antiques, you can find them by makers like the American Waltham watch company, Howard and Elgin. You also have a choice of hunting case, an open face case or a sidewinder pocket watch.
Choosing a pocket watch is by no means easy, but based on personal preference the variety can be narrowed. These time pieces are mostly collectors items, they are art in a most elegant form. Depending on the make of the time piece, Swiss dials in particular can be very expensive.

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While other pocket watches can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars Swiss time pieces may cut you out a few thousand (definitely a luxury item).White gold pocket watches are perfect gifts whether it is for a fiancée or a newly graduated son out of college. The chains that accompany them can be quite fashionable as a neck piece so the issue of portability is solved (talk about being trendy!).

They can also be personalized creating unique pieces and a keepsake for years to come. When purchasing one of these time pieces one should consider brand, style, craftsmanship, price and last but not least, the recipient. Finding the perfect match may be fulfilled by searching online where a wide variety can be accessed from the comfort of your home, rather than in stores, since most of these pieces as I mentioned before are antiques.

It is also extremely important that you are not duped by the countless merchants advertising knock- offs for what seems to be the deal of a lifetime (need I say if it seems too good to be true, most times it is). Researching the time pieces and familiarizing oneself with the price ranges is a good way to help in spotting non-authentic merchandise.

One should also be aware that many advertised white gold pocket watches are plated or alloyed with other material,(price is a good indicator) so read carefully in choosing the piece that suits you and ensure it is indeed 14k or the grade you desire. Most importantly, authenticity is the main ingredient especially for collectors who are seeking to complete an antique set. No matter the occasion this gift choice is that of elegance, class and sophistication. Pocket watches have such a rich history they are displayed as pieces in art galleries and museums alike.

No matter the style or shape they all reflect innovation and serve as a memoir of technological improvement over time. Pocket watches in general reflects a thoughtful gift but a white gold pocket watch engraved with a personal message can become the heirloom time piece which extends a tradition that began centuries ago.

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