Solid gold pocket watches

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Solid gold pocket watches

Although pocket watches were introduced into society in the 16th century, solid gold pocket watches came on the scene in the late 18th century, and even more popular in the 19th century.  People that carried these solid gold pocket watches were considered wealthy or rich and many people wanted that label as rich or wealthy, even if they truly were not.

Regular pocket watches became popular due to the fact that clocks were no longer required to stay in the home, and the accuracy of time was pushed very hard by the railroad industry.  With accurate time, they could track deliveries better, but most of all they could avoid accidents by knowing what time a certain train was going to arrive in a particular destination.rxw0158m

Solid gold pocket watches would be used by people in upper management that wasn’t in the middle of the hard work, and dirty atmosphere and was their way of showing that fact.  The trend caught on very quickly and many other wealthy people began striving to have that wealthy label as well.

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These gold watches can bring a nice size price tag in today’s world as well and be well over a thousand dollars.  Sometimes these watches could cost a couple thousand dollars depending on style and brand that you may choose.  In  the 19th century, the top solid gold watches could carry a price tag of up to $50 or more, which in today’s society translates to about $1250.  This shows that it would take a wealthy individual to purchase this type of watch during that time period.

In today’s world you very well may be able to find a good deal on a solid gold pocket watch if you browse and negotiate well, as there are many, many great bargains all around the world.

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