Pocket watch parts

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Pocket watch parts

Pocket watch parts are of the essence whether you are a dealer, collector, jeweler, or just a regular guy at home that wants to get extra parts for your pocket watch that you are looking to repair or replace.

Let’s face it, parts will eventually go bad and stop working.  When they do, you need to be ready to replace the necessary parts.  I will warn you, however, if you do not have any experience with repairing pocket watches then you probably ought to educate yourself before you dive into a pocket watch because a lot of the parts in a pocket watch are small and delicate.  These parts need brass-pocket-watch-backto be precise in order to keep everything running well in your pocket watch to keep accurate time.

If you do have the experience with repairing these watches, then you should be able to find all of the necessary pocket watch parts for the job without any problem.  In most cases, each different manufacturer of pocket watches will also offer a repair kit that comes with the most common parts for that particular brand.

There are several “how-to’s” and tutorials on the web today so it would not be hard for even a novice to learn pocket watch repairs, if someone were looking to get into this as a hobby, or just want to save a little money by not sending their watch to a jeweler.  These tutorials are even still used by some of the professionals as a refresher so that they can keep their wits when it comes to using pocket watch parts.

If you are still unsure about repairing a pocket watch, and rightfully so, you do have the option of buying a cheap pocket watch and testing your skills out on that before you dive into a more expensive watch and at least that way you will have the peace of mind of knowing whether your skills are sharp enough or not because by all means, you don’t want to dive into a nice pocket watch and end up tossing it because you can’t figure out how to put it back together.

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