Gold pocket watches

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Gold pocket watches

Gold pocket watches were introduced in the late 17th century.  Pocket watches were first introduced in the 16th century, but as pocket watches became more desirable, watch makers started to customize pocket watches and introduced a pocket watch made from gold late in the 17th century.  These gold pocket watches became extremely popular to the upper class as they showed wealth and riches.

In today’s world, gold pocket watches are of abundance, however, you do need to be alert when you are shopping for these 2236792638_5f9b2fe7e9precious watches.  Some are real gold pocket watches, and some are gold plated pocket watches, and some are just fake altogether.  Knowing this, when you are looking for a particular watch, you should be able to notice the biggest hint to authenticity would be the price.  If you find a pocket watch for under $30 then chances are that it isn’t even gold plated, and probably just a gold finish.

Gold plated pocket watches are generally a little higher in price, but not by much, ranging from about $30 up to $100 without extra customizations.  When thinking about this, if you went to a jewelry store and spent $30 on a gold wristwatch, wouldn’t you question its authenticity?  However gold plated watches are probably the most common, due to their price and quality.

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Real gold pocket watches are going to get a little higher in price.  We have established that.  Most of the time, collectors are looking for real authentic gold pocket watches and are aware that they will pay a little more.

No matter what kind of gold pocket watch you are looking for, they are in abundance and can be easily found.  If you cannot find the specific gold pocket watch that you are looking for then it is extremely easy to buy a regular gold pocket watch and let a jeweler go to town (so to speak) by adding the personalization’s that you want specifically.

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