Antique gold pocket watches

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Antique gold pocket watches

If you are a collector or looking to get into collecting antique gold pocket watches, you already know how special these pocket watches are.  Most antique pocket watches that are most sought after be made before 1865.  Most of the antiques are sought by collectors.  Some are also sought after by Civil War bluffs that do re-enactments and really look to portray the image of the 1800’s.

Most antiques are already in some sort of collections, therefore, depending on what you are looking for, it can get quite difficult to recover some of the most specialty antique gold pocket watches.  The specialty pocket watches can come with a hefty price tag as one of the top antique pocket watch sellers on the internet today just recently sold a very rare solid 18 carat gold antique pocket watch for $10,000. This was a watch that was very rare and the manufacturer only made 350 total of this particular brand.antique-pocket-watch

Some people will question whether or not a certain antique is really an antique or not.  The way to check this is by getting the serial number off of the proposed antique watch and check through the manufacturer.  If the antique gold pocket watch was crafted in the United States then the serial number will be on the movement side of the pocket watch.  It will not be on the case of the pocket watch or on the face.  If the pocket watch was crafted in Europe are not as distinct as they did not all use serial numbers, though some did.  On those that did not you will want to look for a patent number and use that to research the manufacturer and date crafted. 

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It could be a little tricky because the name that you see on the watch does not necessarily mean that is the manufacture’s name.  If you do the research, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the answers you need and most information is readily available right here on the web.

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